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JR Custom recently expanded our capabilities with a state-of-the-art powder coating facility, which allows us to provide turn-key parts with a powder coat finish. Through an electrostatic process, powder coating is applied as a dry powder, then cured with heat. The process provides durable, high-quality finishes in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. 



  • SG赛车最准的计划

    • Burn-Off Oven (Option to use when part is currently painted)
    • Load
    • Shot Blast
    • Four-Stage Wash System
    • Dry Oven
    • Prime Booth (Optional)
    • Powder Coat Booth
    • Cure Oven
    • Post Cool Down (Cure at Room Temperature)
    • Unload
    • Quality
    • Packed to Ship
  • SG赛车计划app

    • Window size: 4’ W x 5′ H x 10’ L
    • 2,000 pound weight capacity per carrier (25 quantity carries on line)
    • 900 feet of conveyor automated system
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The JR Custom powder coating facility was designed as a pressurized building to keep contaminants and debris out of the facility, providing optimal conditions for the powder coating line. We have gone to great lengths to incorporate industry-leading technology, which is unique within the state of Kansas and surrounding regions.


JR Custom strives continually to develop the management and production skills necessary to provide customers with top-quality products and client-oriented services. Please contact us at (316) 263-1318 to discuss your project!

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